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best swimming training venues in Bloemfontein & Cape Town


best swimming training venues in Bloemfontein & Cape Town

Neptune Aquatics boast the best available training venues in Bloemfontein with two indoor heated training facilities in both Virgin Active branches and an outdoor training facility at Oranje Girls School for the summer squad training in Bloemfontein.

Neptune Aquatics has recently expanded to Cape Town and offers indoor heated training facilities at Curro Independent School, Century City and Virgin Active Century in City Cape Town.

Virgin active northridge mall

We offer Water Safety and Learn to Swim in the designated Leisure pool. In the main pool we offer development squad swimming, Junior squad swimming, Masters squad swimming and learn to swim. We also offer private stoke development classes.

Virgin active
Showgate centre

Showgate Virgin Active offer Water Safety, Children and Adult Learn to Swim, Development squad swimming and is the winter  home of our competitive junior and senior competition swimming  squads.

Girls School

We offer summer squad and development swimming in addition to the schools swimming and development program.

Curro Independent School
Century City

We offer Water Safety and Learn to Swim on the school premisis for the learners at Curro, the facility is also open to the public. Development and squad swimming classes are offered.

Virgin active
Century City Cape Town

This is our new facility. We will be offering Development and squad swimming as well as Adult learn top and squad swimming.

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